Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Charles Dickens in B&Q

Yep, the title says it all! I found a Charles Darwin 2012 £2 coin in my change in B&Q yesterday and I must say, its is in spectacular condition - I'm not one for over-grading coins, but it is hard to find a flaw on this one even under magnification. I don't collect these coins as a primary collection, but can I recommend savouring the beautiful artwork on some of the modern £2 bimetallic coins and slipping them into a little wallet in a drawer.

The pound coin collection has to be the best way to collect an affordable and easily accomplished set of coins. For £30, one can save the whole history (1 per year) and if you want, break it down into very easily spent change! It allows for an addition in the form of collecting the various alternate designs of the latter coins. A very amateur collection for the inquisitive potential coin collector!

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